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11:21pm 07-21-2015
Sir where is the poem please upload kr dein
1:54am 10-10-2010
7:25pm 03-25-2010
M.A.Mohaamd Khan
I am very sorry to have missed you when you came to Lucknow.
I was asked to come but was in Delhi as I was unwell then. I read your poetry and found it very moving - both in Urdu and in Persian. Have your pems been published ? Can they be ordered from a website ? I saw the pictures of your visit to AMIRUDDAULA COLLEGE at Lucknow. The name of the College needs to be corrected on your website. I do hope you don't mind my pointing this out to you. Regards and best wishes.
M.A.Mohammad Khan
Replied on: 1:10am 04-07-2010

Thank you very much Mr. Khan for your kind comment from beautiful city of Lucknow.
I will correct the name from my website when I will manage it..
Dear Sir!
I gave my Urdu Poetry book to College library you can ask from librarian.

Best wishes and regards

7:44am 03-20-2010
11:47pm 02-28-2010
Qadir Sherif
Great. Maintaining a page is not an easy task while having all your teaching business update too. Pl keep it up. Regards.
Replied on: 1:01am 03-20-2010

thank you Sir!
really it is not an easy job at all...

6:46pm 02-20-2010
I really love your article on this page, keep up the hard work.
The poetry is very interesting.
All the best.
Replied on: 1:00am 03-20-2010

thank you very much...

6:50am 01-17-2010
Its good page and good activity. I am happy to see it. your effort to go india and your passion for peace. Dr. Waheed Ahmed Poetry is also good.
Replied on: 1:05am 03-20-2010

Shah ji!
thank you very much and it is my pleasure that you friends like the page...
Dr. Waheed Ahmed is very different poet in Urdu... I made his page hope that you visited this...

1:22pm 12-25-2009
manzoor poya
lalai, manda na bashi,
site tu ra aksar o baishter visit munum. ghadar khosh mushum ki da maidan-e-shaeeri zaamat kashida rae astay. qastaa-e-aazragi tu kalo khub shi bud, khususan tashbihat shi.
albata, umidwar asthom ki balday "saibit" am qastaa-e-khu ra rae munid.
sauz bashid.
Replied on: 7:18am 03-20-2010

tashakkor Poya saheb!

4:51am 11-29-2009
zakir hussain london
najany q november key is sard raath ko mujay apnaay kuch purany dost yadd aaraha hay.shayad key yag achchi see farsi ghazal suna wos ghazal key khaas baath wos key shaayaree thee.wo ghazal mujay yaad hay jaab may college may goongunaaya karta ta ALI BABA TAJ wos kay share key tashee karta ta shukriya Taj.zakir.
Replied on: 1:15am 12-11-2009

Wah dost e aziz !
koja boda id?
roz'hai college dega yaadesh bakhair....
chi nau?

9:04pm 08-17-2009
Sultan Arshad
Bahut Khoobsoorat Nazmen, lekin in men HALL MINM MAZEED yani mazedd izaafa kia jaey, khusoosan Nazm " MURAMMAT KAUN KARTA HE"
Replied on: 7:28am 03-20-2010

aap ka mashwara omda he.... murrammat kaun karta he waqai mein aik aala nazm he..

1:30pm 08-12-2009
10:28pm 05-13-2009
Dear Taj
Your web is fantastic. Post some more light poetry. Dr. Waheed's words are of another world. Ask him to write something new, something light and beautiful to reduce pain of our times bearable. We all need a moment of forgetfullness what is happening around us and that you and he can do by writing about hope, love and change. I will wait to read about moonlight, flowers, rain and rainbow. Regards. Chandni
3:38pm 04-14-2009
imdad Ali Noyan
Dear Taj,
This is great to hear and visited your web page,indeed reading of beautiful poeam and intresting and valuable articles. Keep it up.
Imdad Ali Noyan
Replied on: 10:18pm 05-02-2009

تشکر از ہمہ ی دوستان کہ دائم لطف می نماینند

2:15pm 04-06-2009
12:08am 03-15-2009
Naseem Javed
Dear Taj..! Shab bakhair jab sab kay samnay ho to kia baat hay. you new poem is v.v good. I like it. Waiting for new Elhamaat.
best of luck. Take care...
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