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7:31pm 03-06-2009
Thank you so much for posting Khanadadoush. Waheed is a great poet of this era. They way her writes is just beautiful. I also happened to read your poetry and articles. Great job. Can you also post other poets from Balochistan? Best wishes.
11:55pm 02-19-2009
i would appreciate if you could post more of Dr. Waheed's work. I love his poetry. Khanabadosh is one I am looking for. And if you speak to him give him my regards.
Replied on: 10:05pm 02-25-2009

the other poems of Dr Waheed Ahmed will be posted soon. Thank you for your kind comments.

11:53pm 02-19-2009
after such a long time I read something real joyful and deeply is my city and its people? they must be provd to have you there. Nice work and keep it up.
10:42pm 01-28-2009
mmm .. its cool and also its difficult 2 choose what is wrong or not .. but i think its better 2 chang back color
then expand your text .. text frame is alittle small .... thats it .. but its good experience and u r a good designer
Replied on: 10:34pm 01-30-2009

Thank you Fareshteh!
i will follow your suggestions...

7:30pm 01-28-2009
khadeejah jawed
AOA sir,
hope my this msg wll find u in best of health..sir i have read ur poems..and i likethem all..i wish i could also write as u i have already told u that what prob i face when i start writing.. but hope so i ll b able to write..and sir its really an honour fr me that u keep on me sending me ur writings..thanx alot sir..wish u best of happiness...amen..
12:57am 01-24-2009
Ahmad Raza
Hi Taj,

Hope you are doing well. I really like your poem written in Calcutta it made me to watch Ghalib movie one more time. i really like the last four lines of your poem about recent conflict in Gaza. I think that is your Asil-e-Nazam Sheer. If i am not wrong. please keep me up to date with your literary work i really enjoy it. What else is going on there in terms of your company with poets. I have seen all your photos. they are impressing. Good on you.

Ahmad Raza
12:44am 01-24-2009
R. Baheryab Hazara
Dear Taj salam,
There is no doubt that you are busy in painting the "big canvas" with your excellent peoms. Whenever, I imagine about the pinnacle thinking of Poets, Faiz's poetry emerges from depth of my memory that "Ik joost me sadion par chala jata hun - kis ki majal jo do qadam be sath chaley".
My acknoledgement and felicitation.
with best wishes,
R. Baheryab Hazara
8:04pm 01-19-2009
Muti ur Rehman Khan
Assalamualaikum Izzat Ma'aab Ali Baba Taj!

It is been honoured to view, read and realize the grievances by the poetry of added on your page called "Peace" about the Gaza disgusting situation...

Muti ur Rehman Khan Lodhi
Muti ur Rehman Khan Lodhi
Replied on: 11:31pm 01-19-2009

Thank you very Much for your commments...

9:35pm 01-08-2009
Taj Aziz,

bisyar khob safha-e internet dorost karde id. ma bisyar khosham amad. aks ha, maqala ha, wa sher ha shoma bisyar qabil setaish ast.

kar ha khob ra edama bidihid,
Toronto, Canada
Replied on: 11:25pm 01-08-2009

salam e garm dar rozha e k sard ast ham inja wa ham aanja!
tashakkur e bisyar az email e qashang e shoma!
tashveeq e dostha bashad daeem dar khidmat mibasham.


6:46pm 01-02-2009
Muti ur Rehman
aap ka kaam waqiyatan bohut hi umda hai... Allah ta'lah aap janaab ko mazeed fikr mandi ke sath aagay barhnay kee taufeeq ataa farmaye, aameen.

Dua Go!

Muti ur Rehman Khan Lodhi
11:58pm 01-01-2009
Dear Taj,

Fantastic job the web you designed is really interesting, I just read the poetry of Dr Wheed is really wonderful and it took me in the strange world. You brought the source of great ideas from the poetry of people like Dr Wheed and as your self to quench the poetic thrust of us. I hope you would always in the same zeal provide us the same opportunity get read great poetry.
Wish you best of luck,

Irfan Ali.
3:27pm 01-01-2009
it is nice page
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